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"Remote Customer Support" - this service is provided by auto market employees - consultants. Consultants help buyers in all matters (technical, financial and legal) related to the purchase of a vehicle.

Why is Georgia more profitable than USA?

1. Time –a vehicle delivery time from the USA to Ukraine is about 2-3 months. Buying a vehicle in Georgia and delivering it to Ukraine is from 7 to 10 days (including transportation, locating a vehicle, checking, buying, issuing re-exportation documents in Georgia, a ferry from Georgia to Ukraine, certification, customs clearance and finally registration at the MRED (Interdistrict registration and examination departments))

2. Diagnostics - in the case of a direct ordering of the vehicle from USA, the buyer will only be able to see his purchase when the vehicle is delivered to Ukraine. Unfortunately, there is no-one to take care of the fact whether buyer will like the car, because it will not be possible to return it to USA even if buyer will be unstaffed with the purchase

In Georgia, the vehicle can be fully inspected, physically felt and test driven, evaluated and then make a decision. You will be getting vehicle technical condition, body, chassis and other details not from the photo, but will be seeing it all with your own eyes. Buyer will be able to use measuring instruments and diagnostic equipment to scrupulously check the car, identify problems, evaluate its functionality and condition, and only then make a balanced purchasing decision. USA - "a pig in a poke", Georgia - you know exactly what you are buying. Consequently, the risk of buying a junk is significantly reduced.


3. The optimal PRICE / QUALITY ratio is present due to the absence of corruption, unique Legislation that allows costs optimization during the re-exportation of vehicles through Georgia, as well as years of experience, thanks to which Georgian operators are saving costs on shipping, loading, domestic transportation within USA, etc. Based on mentioned experience, Georgian car dealers are able to buy cars from United States at lower rates than Ukrainian dealers, the availability of having cheap spare parts and low customs duties on those when importing to Georgia, affect the total cost of the restored vehicles’ value.

Why is Georgia more profitable than Ukraine?

1. Assortment - large selection of cars. In the Autopapa market. There are a lot of cars of different brands, models and price categories (on average from 4000 - 5000). This is a unique opportunity to choose from a variety of brands and models in one place. We are like a big supermarket, which has almost EVERYTHING - from potatoes to Hennessy cognac.

Another bonus for those who prefer to personally repair cars. There are platforms at the vehicles’ market where cars are being sold in the condition which they were bought at from USA auctions! These cars are bought, delivered and sold by W8 SHIPPING. You can inspect, check, estimate the cost of auto repair live, buy the necessary spare parts in Tbilisi and repair the vehicle at the service station in Ukraine, where you will be sure of the quality of the repair work.

2. Lack of mileage in Ukraine and Georgia - vehicles are imported into Georgia, repaired and put up for sale on Autopapa - this is not same as re-sellers in Ukraine do - they buy, repair, and then ride this car while trying to sell it on Avtoria, by doing so de facto winds up thousands of kilometers, which then is "tweaked" in the nearest garage cooperative. A used car in Ukraine is a "dark horse", no one will ever know for sure what has even happened to it or who drove it - a director of an agricultural company or a taxi driver, unlike an American car that is sold on Autopapa - where the whole history of the car from production to sale at auction is documented in Carfax.


3. Tourism - according to the legislation of Georgia, you can ride a purchased vehicle in Georgia for up to 45 days, during which time the buyer can arrange an unforgettable vacation and get incredible feelings and emotions, see a wonderful country, get acquainted with the local flavor, drink real Georgian wine, etc.



 1. Reputation - we have been on the auto market for over than 10 years. We are known and are not "one-day business", our address and phones numbers have not changed since 10 years, customers know us. You will be accompanied from the beginning to the end of the vehicle purchase by a qualified auto market employee - your personal Consultant;

2. Warranty - you buy a vehicle through our company Avtopapa Imports LLC, while officially transferring funds by swift payment. Our company acts as a guarantor that all information provided about the vehicle will be reliable and as complete as possible. In the case of getting incomplete information when selecting a car and if car then does not meet the declared parameters (equipment, engine size, paintwork, color), you can refuse the car, and we, in return, GUARANTEE MONETARY REFUND. Thus, all kinds of risks associated with buying a car are minimized.

3. The optimal price and the ability to select required service package (only delivery to the port, only selection, etc.)





What is included in the service - Remote Customer Support?


Checking the Vehicle history report "Carfax" - without restrictions;



Checking the paintwork with an ultrasonic thickness gauge - without restrictions (determination of painted and replaced parts);

Susspension   Diagnostics of running gear/chassis, after the final selection of the car and bargaining on the cost of the car - checking the 1st car is included in the package, all subsequent +20 GEL (about $ 7);

A visual inspection of the vehicle body is carried out for defects and the quality of repair work, removal and replacement of body parts, the presence / absence of signs of violation of factory sealant and factory welding;

Engine   Computer diagnostics - checking the 1st car is included in the package, all subsequent +30 GEL (about $ 10);

Checking the operation of the gearbox, the smoothness of gear shifting, the presence / absence of defects in the operation of the gearbox, jerking, noise by conducting a test drive;


Mileage - providing information about the real mileage of the car;


Help with registration (verification of documents, translation services, consultation on all issues of acquisition, customs clearance and several potential pitfalls);

The cost of the “Remote Customer Support” service is 780 GEL per one purchased car;

The procedure for the provision of services " Remote Customer Support "


To purchase a vehicle and deliver it to your country without coming to Georgia, please choose

Remote Customer Support service

The cost of the service is 780 GEL or one purchased car.

The procedure of providing the "Remote customer service"

  1. A group is created in Viber / Whatsapp ;

  2. Service fee is being paid for "Remote customer service" - 780 GEL This amount includes:

• Services of our expert employee at all stages of the purchase, incl. checking paintwork with an ultrasonic thickness gauge - the number of checks is unlimited (crash-damaged/or no examination, examination of the quality of restoration or replacement of parts, etc.);

• Checking the vehicle history report "Carfax" - the number of checks is unlimited;

• Diagnosis of the chassis after selection for a final conversation about the cost (one vehicle);

• Computer diagnostics of one car;

• Assistance with customs clearance and at the Services Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.

  3. In parallel with the opening of the application, it is necessary to send a power of attorney to Georgia in the name of one of the consultants;

  4. After your consultant selects a desired vehicle for you, you pay the cost of the car with a swift payment to the company Avtopapa Imports LLC (plus a 0.5% bank commission for cash withdrawal). Additionally, you pay for issuing an export declaration from 100-150 USD.

  5. Your consultant pays seller and draws up a car in your name.

At this point vehicle is yours and it must be delivered to your country.


The total is:

780 GEL - "Remote customer service"

From 100-150 USD - registration of re-export documents


All above services can be ordered separately or in any combination.


You can contact our consultants with any questions that you might have:

Леван Двалишвили

Levan Dvalishvili


Viber, WhatsApp


or call the AUTOPAPA Service Center (Call-Center):




Regards, Your AUTOPAPA

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Updated: 06.11.2023

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