Payment for parking services

3. როგორ გადავიხადოთ პარკირების დავალიანება

ბილეთზე დაგროვილი დავალიანების გადახდა შესაძლებელია ნებისმიერი ბანკის Visa და MasterCard, ასევე American Express ბარათების საშუალებით.

დავალიანების სრულად ან ნაწილობრივ დასაფარად საჭიროა ბილეთების ჩამონათვალში (გვერდი "ჩემი ავტოპაპა" - "ბილეთები"), შესაბამისი ბილეთის გასწვრივ დავაჭიროთ ღილაკს "გადახდა".

 - მიუთითეთ გადახდის სასურველი თანხა

 - დააჭირეთ ღილაკს "გაგზავნა"

 - შეიყანეთ ბარათის მონაცემები და დააჭირეთ ღილაკს "გადახდა".

2. როგორ დავამატოთ ავტობაზრობის ბილეთი

საიტზე ავტობაზრობის ბილეთის დასამატებლად საჭიროა მენიუში "ჩემი ავტოპაპა" ავირჩიოთ ჩანართი "ბილეთები".

 - დააჭირეთ ღილაკს "ბილეთის დამატება"

 - აირჩიეთ შესაბამისი ორგანიზაცია

 - შეიყვანეთ ბილეთის ნომრის ბოლო 6 (ექვსი) ციფრი

 - დააჭირეთ ღილაკს "გაგზავნა"

ამის შემდეგ ბილეთი დაემატება ჩამონათვალში, სადაც თქვენ შეძლებთ ბილეთზე დარიცხული დავალიანების გაგებას და მის ნაწილობრივ ან სრულად დაფარვას.

1. როგორ გავიგოთ დავალიანება ბილეთზე

ბილეთზე დარიცხული დავალიანების გაგება შესაძლებელია სმს-ის საშუალებით.

ამისათვის საჭიროა გააგზავნოთ მოკლე ტექსტური შეტყობინება ტექსტით Tბილეთის ნომერი (მაგალითად: T2000000123456) ნომერზე 93424. პასუხად თქვენ მიიღებთ ბილეთზე დარიცხულ დავალიანებას სმს-ის სახით.

ყურადღება: სერვისი ფასიანია და 1 სმს-ის გაგზავნის ღირებულება შეადგენს 1 (ერთი) ლარს.

Main opportunities

1. What are my main opportunities on

On auto market you can place your ads, recommend them to buyers, find cars for purchase, share the information with friends and watch for interesting suggestions with search agents. Look at the short video about the main opportunities of Autopapa:



General questions

3. How can I contact the support of

You can contact the Support portal by the request form on email and hotline on +995 322 05 05 55. We are always happy to help you!

2. Is it possible to advertise on

Please, on this matter contact the site administration. You can write to us at: or call support hotline +995 322 05 05 55

1. How can I contact the site administrator of

For all questions, please contact: or hot line support +995 322 05 05 55

How to confirm e-mail and phone number

3. How can I confirm e-mail and phone number if I don’t receive e-mail with a confirmation link or SMS with a confirmation code?

Please make sure that on the page Account details  you typed without mistakes your e-mail address and number of your phone.

If you found a mistake in your e-mail address, please write to our Support about necessity to change your e-mail. For this use the feedback form Support. While writing, stay loged in.

If you found a mistake in your phone number, please call Support Hotline +955 322 05 05 55 for confirming your number.

If e-mail address and phone number are right, please call Support Hotline +955 322 05 05 55 for confirming your data.

2. How can I confirm my phone number?

It takes only 2 minutes! On the page Account details in line for phone number click on the button “send a confirmation code”. At your mobile you will receive SMS from AUTOPAPA with a code, what you need to type in the line Confirmation code and to click on “complete confirmation”. Now your phone number is successfully confirmed!

1. How can I confirm my e-mail address

It’s very easy!  On the page Account details in line for e-mail click on the button “confirm e-mail”. Open your e-mail and a message from AUTOPAPA and go to a link for confirmation. After that on the page Account details there will be written “Email is successfully confirmed”.

How to find a car

9. How can I edit my search agent?

On the page Search agents in My Autopapa click on “edit”  for your search agent, which you want to change. In the opened window change criteria of search and save the form.

8. How can I create a search agent?

To create a search agent click on “Create search agent” on the homepage. Complete all fields and save a form.

7. What is search e-mail agent?

Search agent will inform you about new ads, which appear every day on AUTOPAPA.  According to your criteria for search the cars (price, make, model) AUTOPAPA will  select by itself these cars among new ads and send the results to your e-mail address!

6. How can I specify cars data which are not available on the site, if the phone owner's car is incorrect?

If the ad was created by the owner of the car, at your request, we will try to contact him by email, to clarify his correct phone number. Please call the hotline on  +995 322 05 05 55 or write to us to support:
    1. Your contact phone number in Georgia and / or email (for other countries);
2. Number of the ad (you can find it on the page of ad or in the title of the browser page, for example, Porsche Cayenne (ad # 1832);
    3. Specify in the message that you wish to specify a phone number owner's car.

5. How to use social bookmarking?

Very simple. To share information about the car on Facebook, Twitter or Vkontakte, on the ad of car, under the photo you will find the option "save in". Select the suitable for you social network, where you'd like to place an ad and click on the icon of the social network. In the new opened window of social network  you can confirm the placement.

4. Can I tell about favorite cars to friends / acquaintances?

Yes, you can send the link of any ad to a friend by clicking on the page of the ad “send to friend” and filling all necessary  fields.

3. How can I save my favorite car?

The ads which you like you can “add to favorites”, AUTOPAPA remember those ads for you and then you can view them in My autopapa, page "My favourites".

2. Do all the cars that are on the site really exist?

Yes. Most of the ads is received by our staff personally  from the owners of real cars. If you find an advertisement in which information of the car or the seller does not correspond to reality, please notify the help desk for at or support hotline number: +995 322 05 05 55

1. How to choose / find a car?

On the homepage you can search by the main parameters (make, model, price, year, body type). In the "Find auto" you can ask a more specific search options that will help you to sort quickly the cars by technical characteristics (volume and engine power, the appearance of the machine, gearbox, drive, etc.). Also, the search results you can sort by price, by date and popularity.

How to add an ad

13. How can I promote my car?

If you want to promote your ad on the “My autos for sale” page in the section “My AUTOPAPA” just click on the button “Recommend” and use any payment method convenient for you:

 1. Pay by SMS;
 2. Promote by using promo code;
 3. Pay by VISA or Mastercard.

 Method 1. Payment by SMS.
 Click on the button “Recommend auto” in the section My autos for sale and send a SMS to a short number listed on this page. You will receive SMS with a confirmation from AUTOPAPA and your ad will appear in the field “Recommended” on the main page of www. . The cost of one SMS you can see on ad promoting page.details

 Method 2. Promote by using promo code.
  If you want to use promo code click on the button “Recommended” for active ads in the section My autos for sale” on and at the foot of the page enter promo code. After successful activation your will be able to see your ad in the field “Recommended”. You can get a promotional code in the service center AUTOPAPA and its price is 2 GEL.

 Method 3. Payment by VISA or Mastercard.
 Click on the button “Recommended” ,choose “Payment by VISA or Mastercard”, then click “Check out” and follow the instructions (cost 1 GEL).

Also you can watch this video tip about raising the raiting of your car.

12. What means “Promote” my ad?

To promote vehicle - means to raise your ad in the column "Recommended":

 - On the Home page;
 - on the page special for your vehicle brand and model
 - on the pages of the section “My AUTOPAPA”

 This makes the ad more visible and increases the number of customers’ review 5 times as large. So placing your ad in the “Recommended” you have an opportunity to distinguish your vehicle from the rest and get much more calls from the customers.

An ad in the column “Recomended” has a priority to be in advance in letters of search agents in comparison with usual ads.

11. How can I create a QR-sticker for my ad?

Very simple! First you need to create your ad. After you save your ad in the "My Ads", click on the option “QR-stickers for sale”. Autopapa itself will create for you QR-sticker with the most important information about your car and QR-Code with link of your ad on the Main Caucasus autoportal - To print ready ad, simply click on "print form with the QR-Code" and your QR-sticker is ready!

10. What is QR-sticker for sale?

QR-label - is a modern replacement of ads under the glass of your car, written by hand. Now you can simply print out a ready-made advertisement for the sale, created for you by and place under the car window.

In QR-label is placed all the most important information about your car and QR-code with a link of your ad on the Main Caucasus autoportal -

People can read QR-code on your label using mobile phone, smartphone or iPhone connected to the Internet and can quickly see your ad with detailed information and save it to their bookmarks on the phone!

9. I have successfully sold the car. How can I delete an ad on the site?

Congratulations on the successful sale of car! To remove your ad in the "My Ads" in your profile, click on the option "remove to the archive”. Since then, your ad will be inactive and nobody can see it.

8. How much does it cost to place an ad on the site?

Price for placing ads on selling a car on the site over the Internet is 1 GEL.

7. I placed an ad on the site Why has it not appeared in search results yet?

All ads are pre-tested and come with a slight delay. This helps ensure better reliability of the information in the ads. Please call the hotline on  +995 322 05 05 55  or write to us at Support and specify the number of your ad, we will clarify the status.

6. My ad was placed on the website by site workers. How can I edit / add information to my ad?

Please call the hotline on  +995 322 05 05 55  or write to us at support at and specify:

1. Number of your ad (number is on page ad in the title of the browser page, for example, Porsche Cayenne (ad # 1832));
2. Your phone number;
3. Which information in the ad do you wish to change?

5. I do not sell the car (e.g. bike, skis, snowboard). Can I put this ad on

No, our site is intended only for posting information about the sale of motor vehicles.

4. I have a car brand (model or specifications) which is not listed by creating my ad. What to do?

Please use the request form of support in the main menu or call the hotline support  +995 322 05 05 55  and specify:

1. Which brand or model is not listed on the site;
2. Your contact phone number in Georgia, or email (for other countries).

We will inform you when the values of the fields have been added, and you'll be able to create your ad.

3. How can I create an ad to sell a car?

To create your ad, you must first register on the site and use the link from the main menu "Add your ads". In the window to fill in all the necessary characteristics of a car, also you can add pictures of your car and save the changes.

Please note that your ad will appear on the site with little delay, because all ads are pre-tested by the administrator.

2. Can I place an ad about my car for sale on

Yes, you can. To do this you must first register on the site.

1. How to register on the site

In the section "Registration", fill in all fields marked with a red circle and click on the button "I agree with the rules. Register "

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